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Divide, Colorado Real Estate Auctions & Personal Property Auction Divide Colorado Real Estate & Auctions

Why An Auction?

Real estate auctions accelerate the real estate marketing process and pit prospective buyers against one another for properties through either open outcry bidding or an online bidding auction. Though it can scare away cautious buyers, there are many advantages for those on both the buying end and the seller’s side of the deal.

For personal property auctions the benefits to sellers is clear. You have sold a property and have equipment, furniture, guns that need to be dealt with. With either an online auction or a called live auction you can take advantage of the marketing power of United Country Auction Services and again pit buyers against one another to help get the most for your personal property.

What are the advantages of auctions?


As a seller you put your property on the market and have no real idea when it will be sold, when you can make an offer; start looking where you are going, it is an unknown that often makes sellers very anxious. With an auction all the marketing is up front, there is the auction, and it is sold. With on online auction it could run for days or weeks, but as the seller you choose the date that the property will be sold.


You will get the market price for your property, no fooling around with a complicated contract process. You qualify all of your bidders up front, no showing after showing after showing. One day let the buyers look and that is it. Property is sold as is, so no dealing with someone that doesn’t like the trim color on the home, or thinks the water heater is old…any of that.


At the end of the day, a real estate auction is much simpler than a standard sale process. Buyers receive comprehensive information on the property via a due diligence package and don’t have to jump through a bunch of complicated hoops. Sellers don’t have to maintain a property in a state for showing for extended periods of time, they don’t have to deal with all the buyer beware issue in a real estate contract, with buyers backing out of contracts at the last minute and all the market time for the property lost to an unsure buyer.

The premise is simple: when bidders compete, sellers win. Auctions keep the seller in control by establishing a price floor, eliminating a price ceiling, and allowing a choice of time, place and terms. By providing a predictable sale date, they free the seller to make plans and move forward.

It’s no accident that United Country Auction Services has a proven track record of producing better results. Our success results from three basic ways in which we provide a different auction experience.

1. Revolutionary Marketing—Our industry-leading internet presence, prospect database, national marketing programs, catalogs and lifestyle materials add up to more of the right kind of exposure to the right kinds of buyers.

2. Auction Expertise—We offer unparalleled experience and leadership from the top people in the industry, who are continuously trained and educated to produce industry leading results.

3. Custom Services—We tailor auctions to fit sellers’ needs, from traditional methods to state-of-the-art techniques such as multi-parcel technology and online simulcasts.

With a heritage dating back to 1925, United Country has a long history of success, all generated within a company culture that places the highest value on trust, excellence and integrity.

We are renowned as the most trusted and valued strategic real estate and asset auction organization serving the U.S. market. We have secured a lasting coast-to-coast presence through strong and mutually rewarding relationships with carefully selected partners. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in all that we do by serving one valued client at a time, maintaining the highest ethical cultural standards, demonstrating consistent, timely performance when managing client transactions, remaining at the leading edge of marketing solutions and technology, and giving back to the communities we serve. Sellers, brokers and agents all across America choose United Country Auction Services for our professionalism, experience and commitment. We’d like to be your partner of choice, too.

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